Range Of Functions At A Pakistani Wedding

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If we ask from you that which is that special thing that has been liked by you about the Pakistani wedding then what will you say? We know that what will you say, it is these long list of range of functions at the Pakistani wedding sessions that is much liked and loves by all of us. It is all these colorful days, it is all these loud functions that makes us to be the fan of Pakistani wedding sessions. If you do not know about the special days of these Pakistani Wedding sessions then here we will be telling you about these range of functions, just check out these details:

Mayo Day Function:


It is this mayo day or you can say that dholki day that is the first day of any of the Pakistani wedding, here at this day almost each and every girl wear yellow or orange shaded dresses! It is this yellow day, right starting from the dress to the decoration, from bangles to embellishments, it is all yellow! It is on this day that best pictures can be taken and best photography session takes place!

Mehndi Day Function:

Pakistani Wedding


Here we have this mehndi day, do you know that which is the favorite day of the photographer In Lahore if it comes to cover any of the Pakistani wedding, it is this mehndi day! It is this most of all colorful function where all the girls and boys naturally look pretty and handsome and camera man also does not have to put that much effort in editing the pictures.

Baraat Day Function:



If we talk about this barat day then it is one of the decent and elegant days, here you will mostly red colored dresses, girls wear sarees and boys are mostly be wearing three piece suits. It is the most exclusive day for both bride and groom and family people also make sure that best decorations and arrangements are put up by their sides!

Walima Day Function:

pakistani wedding


Here is this last day of this Pakistani wedding, it is this most cozy kind of day where most of the people and especially girls like to wear light in shaded dresses, they like to wear saree and it can be simple shalwar kameez. It is this reception day for bride and groom so this event is a bit formal one!
So, these are the range of functions at any of the Pakistani wedding!

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