Tips To Make Pakistani Weddings Unique And Memorable

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With the changing trends and traditions everybody wants to keep up with the fête around. lists down few ways to make Pakistani weddings unique and the most memorable event of the year. These tips won’t only help you become the celebrity of the show but also make your weddings not less than the Oscar night.


From arranging the main events, Mehandi, Baraat and Walima each one of them can cast an impression on the guests.

Pakistani Wedding

To begin with mehandi, the stage setting and the theme has the most importance. Select appropriate outfits for the male family members and adjust the female’s attire accordingly. Hire a DJ and try out your skills on the dance floor.

Pakistani Weddings

Reception of Baraat is the most important event for the Pakistani traditional families. To make it organized and judicious is one heck of an event. Try getting everything done well before time to make an imperative perception. The theme for Baraat must merely be formal and nothing else.

Pakistani Weddings

Walima may be semi-formal in terms of dressings. Make it unique with the cake cutting ceremony. A variety of stores are offering services for designing and decorating cakes for this important event.


pakistani wedding

Yes we Pakistanis love food. Like literally LOVE it to bits. Better the menu selected for the wedding night, more people will be pleased about the event and will take into account for a long time. The traditional sub-continent menu is found much pleasing for the mehandi. Try out your own creativity to set the mehandi’s menu and believe me it’ll work out good. However, people tend to stick with the main stream courses for Baraat and Walima. But DO NOT FORGET it must be good and lots of it!!


Pakistani Weddings

Well you don’t want the most important event of your life to be just a one- day celebration. Live every moment and each of the three days of your wedding with the photographs of you and your family. The family photograph is a MUST to make your wedding memorable. Capture lots and lots of them. Take selfies, take candids and whatever angles you have, and live it for the rest of your life!

With a few of these tips and adding your own creativity to it, you can now arrange your weddings in a perfectly unique style.  Learn, explore and experiment to arrange a memorable Pakistani wedding that will be the show of the town. Good luck!

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