Top 5 Colour Combinations For Pakistani Bridal Dresses

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Are you deciding colours for your wedding dress?

Stop worrying and have a look!

Wedding day is one of the craving and exciting occasion for which a woman desires to have the best bridal dress and jewellery to add more charm and glamour in her beauty.

Brides are choosier and conscious for selecting their outfits because they know they are going to be the spotlight personality.

The preparation for Pakistani Bridal dresses starts many months prior to the wedding. Well, there are few hot colour combinations are listed below to help you.

Top 5 Bridal colour combinations for Barat and Walima

1- Play With Red:-

Nowadays there is no specific bridal colour as woman have become more experimental with there dresses but red still remains an all time favourite colour.

To make your Red Bridal dress looks elegant, trendy and at the same time traditional don’t hesitate on trying different colour combos with it! It can be a classy bottle green with red, or a glittery gold with cream and red or to make it more attractive combo maroon with blue!

2- Pretty Pink:-

Pink is girl’s one of the favourite colour. When it comes of selecting bridal dresses pink can again be your best friend.

Hot pinks with Cream or Off-white is today’s one of the best combinations which gives elegant as well as classy touch at the same time. This beautiful combination would be best for engagement ceremony.

3- Shades Of Royal:-

Bride pays alot of attention to their wedding dress especially the colour that makes the most difference.

Long Flowing frocks in shades of blues, turquoise and purples with semi precious stones and classy, stitched in angrakha style reminds us of Royal princesses and luxurious aesthetics of Mughal Era.

4- Shine Like A Star:-

Just like a gold and bronze, Silver is also most appealing colour used in Pakistani Bridal dresses.

A heavily worked dress in greys and silvers give a charming and a soothing look to the bride. A grey with silver or a white with silver both gives a sophisticated look. Silver can even easily be squeezed with other colour combinations whether its beige or plum.

5- Pastels all along:-

And of course! We cannot forget about the pastel shades when we are talking about bridal dresses and its best combinations.

Colours Like pastel are never out of fashion. Brides prefer to wear a light shaded elegant dress especially for Walima event. Weather its pastel or pistachio green with contrast or pastel shades of blues and peach are always appealing.

Hope it will help you in deciding best colour combination for your Pakistani bridal dress.

But I love when you share your thoughts….

So what do you think, which colour looks best on wedding day???? Comment.

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