Wedding invitation cards for Pakistani weddings

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Are you looking for some ideas for wedding invitations?

pakistani weddings

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Wedding card is not only a material of invitations but in our culture it is a sign of joy and marriage happiness.

Selecting a wedding card for Pakistani weddings is as important as wedding it self.

As we have a tradition of inviting many relatives, family friends, friends & neighbors from out side the city and country, that is compulsory to let them know the details so a large gathering is called to join the festivities.

Wedding invitation cards is critical to wedding planning process. This makes it imperative that all of the necessary information is conveyed to the guests. The information included must be enough for the guidance of the guests that they might need to make plans to attend the wedding.

1: What does it include?

pakistani weddings invitation cards

This includes the date, time, and location of the ceremony. Proper address should be given and full names of bride and the groom should be mentioned to avoid any confusion for the distant relatives and family friends.

Invitation card should also include host family main male members’ names and phone numbers so that they can be contacted incase of any misunderstanding.

Hence, the design of the invitation cards for the weddings requires a great a deal of time and effort. Bride and groom want everything perfect for their wedding and invitation cards are the first step to it.

2: What is Theme based cards?

weddings in pakistan

Our Pakistani weddings are slowly evolving and coming up with innovative ideas. Pakistani weddings aren’t the same old traditional ones now. Needless to say, wedding invitation card is in keeping with those themes.

For instance, a scroll invitation card may be designed for a royal based theme.

So people that are preparing for thematic wedding décor, they start their work with invitation cards. Themed base invitation depicts the whole function atmosphere and theme of course.

3: Traditional wedding invitation card

traditional wedding invitation cards

When it comes to wedding, most of the brides still want it be in a conventional way when they wear their mommy’s bridal dress and exhibit a full cultural heritage.

Invitation cards are therefore designed keeping with the sentiments of traditional values and standards. A lot of emphasis is laid on the color and embroidery of the card.

Then we have many more traditionally designed cards for weddings and Mehndi invitations. That contains customary colors like reds, greens, golden and off white.

Still majority people prefer and chose these cards as they look good & sophisticated.

4: Styles of cards:

pakistani weddings

There are now many styles are offered by the designers, that includes

1: Box style

2: Net or kroshea

3: Mughal style

4: Classic Styles

5: Hand made invitations

Invitation cards for Pakistani Weddings must be chosen carefully. Different designs and colors may be compared to come up with the best one.
Different samples are readily available on the internet and with printing press. You may consult your friends and relatives to know about the best shop to design your invitation card.

However, the design is not sufficient, it is essential to ensure that the card is well written and drafted.

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