Are you searching for Pakistani weddings stage decors? Then have a look at the below beautiful Pakistani wedding stages décor. You can use these innovative ideas in outdoor and indoor barat function of your wedding. There are infinite numbers of unique ideas to make your big day different from others. What are your comments? Share your ideas on Pakistani wedding stages Continue Reading

How To Find Top Pakistani Wedding Designer

MAKING MEMORIES How can you get your DREAM wedding event? Of course there are wedding designers/planners who make that all possible for you. First of all the festivities of wedding events are far more than previous time. Pakistani weddings are now consisting of many different functions, get together and entertainment. But it’s not possible for everyone to get into detailed work. The Wedding Continue Reading

10 Most Common Mehndi Accessories for Pakistani Weddings

Are you preparing for Pakistani mehndi function? Then you must have a copy of following check list with you. The people of Pakistan give importance to customs and rituals as they are best representative of their culture. Mehndi is purely a traditional ceremony held a day or two before the wedding. Mehndi function is full if colors and lights. Arranging a Mehndi Function Although, mehndi function Continue Reading

5 Top Themes for Pakistani Wedding and Mehndi Decor

Are you searching for Pakistani wedding and mehndi thematic décor? Have a look then….. Weddings have now become a fashion statement. The brides and grooms use different means to show their individuality to the others. Previously, there was no concept of thematic wedding but now people are daring enough to use innovative ideas in various functions of the wedding. Top Thematic Wedding and Mehndi Continue Reading

How to Manage Pakistani Wedding Accessories

Are you about to arrange your wedding event? It’s the toughest job of all. One has to be careful in managing wedding accessories because bad management can disturb your whole day. Wedding is considered as the most difficult job to do as you have to take care of a lot of things at the same time so that the whole function goes well. Pakistani wedding is a beautiful combination of various customs and Continue Reading