4 STEPS for Making Pakistani Weddings More Attractive and Memorable

Are you getting bored with the traditional Pakistani weddings then why don’t you add something new to it? Apart from wedding arrangement, the looks of bride and groom also play an important role in making the wedding more beautiful. Following are some of the tips that may help you to make Pakistani wedding traditional yet more attractive and fascinating. 1. Choose Different Colors for Your Continue Reading

Pakistani Wedding Planner Sheema Shares the Secrets of Wedding Planning

Today I interviewed an experienced Pakistani wedding planner  Sheema, she is in the business for last 10 years and runs a wedding planning company called Aura Events. Sheema  talks about: How she and her team can plan your dream wedding within your budget How they can see through your dream for the wedding day Different cities she worked Type of events she can manage for Continue Reading

Six Best Tips For Planning a Memorable Honeymoon

If you are planning to get married soon, I am sure you will be thinking of having a memorable honeymoon. Let me give you some ideas to help your planning, if you have better ideas feel free to share in the comments below to help the community. I think honeymoon is the best time when starting a new life and give you the best chance to understand each other before you get busy in the routine Continue Reading