Latest Pakistani Wedding Themes

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The wedding has not only remained an event for the two families whose children are getting married. However, the trend has totally changed and it brings several ideas as latest Pakistani wedding themes. From last one decade, it has been considered that people are now more prone to make their wedding events extensively memorable, different and auspiciously unforgettable. This trend has increasing day by day and this is the main reason that brings change in planning the wedding arrangements by introducing latest Pakistani wedding themes.

After the date fixation process, the first thing that comes into the mind of the people is where and how this event will be performed. For this purpose, now in Pakistan, several wedding planners have joined this far. The wedding events are no more remain three days event, now several more days have been included as the part of the wedding such as Sangeet nights, Mayoon, dance planning days and so on.

The above image has been the best theme for Sangeet nights as people are interested in having big stage ahead and comfortable surroundings like flour sitting, Gao takia arrangement and flower arrangements with bright lights to make the event bravura.

For the Mehndi events people are more cautious to bring very traditional looks in the events. For instance, the use of cycle, Rikshaw, and several other traditional vehicles are used to bring Mehndin on them.

In the above image, bride and groom both are pictured with a tricycle to make the event more traditional yet trendy. Apart from it, several Mughal features, themes, and trends are used to make the entire event more sumptuous and classy. The flower arrangement according to the event has become an important part of latest Pakistani wedding theme. For instance, Gainda (sunflower) has been extensively used for Mayoon and Mehndi functions to give it really a yellow look along with several bright color adornment items.

As far as the Barat day is concerned that is the most important day of two people who tied knot together for the rest of their life. The entire event represents the charm and happiness for bride and groom, therefore, it is also themed by using the bright colors especially red color is used in everywhere, either as the wrapping covers of the chairs or the flower for the entire adornment. Everything has the touch of red color.

When it comes to the last day of the wedding that is named as Walima, everything emerged and blends in light and soft colors to give the end the most soothing effect. Soft color patterns, lights, and entire embellishment have been used as latest Pakistani wedding theme.

Mostly royal themes have been used for the Walima, white, steel gray, and tulips with white roses are used everywhere, even in the sitting arrangement light colors, like white with soft shades of purple or pink are used to make the entire event extremely attired one.


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